Client: Self Negotiated Media: Film


Produced and created as a sequel to the first experimental film, The Last Time. The First Time was filmed during a journey across the UK using an iPhone 5S, edited on iMove. Similar to the first short film, the media used provided an effortless technique of capturing the footage in an instinctive manner.

The film tries to provoke thought and emotion with the aid of audio and simplistic video footage. The idea being that starring in a day dream fashion, can allow an individual to step out of reality and enter a state of mind that can be both relaxing and invigorating. I’ve always found travel inspiring, especially when you’re by yourself. There is an overwhelming sense of time as you wait to get to your destination. I find looking out the window interesting as you can suddenly become distant from the world, you can sit back into your chair and think openly about all the possibilities that lay ahead either in that particular day or in your life in general. I think the introduction of music when traveling can stimulate this process, and the journey itself, it exaggerates the notion because all you have to do while you wait is think. It almost gives the visuals of your journey and life a musical score.